"Death Is Hollow"


Death Is Hollow

2024 • EP

Moments: Wait (Live)

2024 • album

The Field

2022 • album

Homecoming (Español)

2021 • album

Homecoming (Live)

2021 • album

Revival's In The Air (Live)

2020 • album

Bethel Music en Español (Live)

2019 • album

Where His Light Was

2017 • album

Take Courage (Radio Version)

2017 • single

Starlight (Live)

2017 • album

It Is Well (Radio Mix)

2015 • single

You Make Me Brave (Live)

2014 • album

Here Is Love

2020 • album
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Kristene DiMarco is a worship leader and songwriter with Bethel Music. She joined the Bethel Music Collective in 2016, bringing with her a history of passionate worship that has inspired a new generation of worshippers. Her worship magnifies the peace and breakthrough we encounter in Jesus.

Most recently, Kristene released a live and acoustic version of her single, “Death Is Hollow” (2024). This song was born out of walking through a painful, heartbreaking season with a dear friend in 2019. DiMarco came out with a 12-track album in 2022 titled The Field. The album invites listeners to dig deep and sit with God in the uncomfortable and in the mystery, it speaks to our most basic need: simply being with our Creator and learning who He is. Kristene is also featured on Bethel Music’s Homecoming (2021) album singing “Wherever You Lead”. Her album Where His Light Was (2017) features her song “Take Courage”, which also appears on Bethel Music’s Starlight (2017) album and Bethel Music En Español (2019) as “Ten Fe Corazón”. Kristene’s song “It Is Well” is featured on Bethel Music’s You Make Me Brave (2014), and is played on Christian radio stations around the U.S. The fresh perspective of this timeless hymn impacts churches all over the world. With a rich history in songwriting, Kristene has 3 other solo albums Mighty (2015), Safe Place (2012) and Those Who Dream (2008).

Kristene has a heart for growing future leaders and encouraging young creatives to step into their calling. She enjoys life in San Diego, California with her husband Jordan and their two children, Lorelai and Nico.

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